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Food Advice  was  set up in 2010 to help food and dairy manufacturers
and packers to improve their performance with innovative alternative solutions.

Cutting Bar

Cutting Bar


Food Advice UK  has years of experience in the following fields,

Cheese, cheese cutting, cheese frames, cheese harps, food cutting, cheese packing, food packing, cheese wires, cheese portion, food portion, cheese retail packs, food retail packs, cheese portion control food portion control, packing efficiency, cheese off- cuts, food off-cuts, cheese give away, food give away, cheese wastage, food wastage, fixed weight cutting, fixed weight packing, random weight cutting, random weight packing, catch weight cutting, catch weight packing,seal leak testing,


We are particularly proud of our design for variable cheese cutting frames: (Variable cheese cutting harps)


These changeable frames ( changeable harps) can be easily altered to give a range of cheese cutting sizes. Wire centres i.e. wire spacings are easily changed.

For more info email me at imacofchaffcombe@yahoo.co.uk


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